pandofit1PandoFit is a bespoke knowledge-based 3D CAD software for prosthetists.

pandofit2PandoFit software allows you to easily design trans-tibial ProsFit sockets for your patients and prosthetic wearers.
pandofit3A state-of-the-art solution. User-friendly and intuitive.
pandofit4Each ProsFit socket can be ordered directly from within PandoFit, to be manufactured by ProsFit and delivered for you to fit comfortably for the wearer. All within as little as 2 days
pandofit5Greatly appreciated by prosthetists and clinical teams,
pandofit6Wearers are impressed, reporting positive experiences and remarkable comfort.

A powerful software tool that

• Enables you to design and deliver the best ProsFit sockets for your wearers

• Empowers you to turbo-charge your productivity, whilst reducing stress

• Is easy to use, regardless of your experience with computers

• Makes your life easier, with simple and streamlined workflows all under your control

 PandoFit has been described as the most user-friendly 3D CAD software available to prosthetists

For use with Microsoft (7+),
Mac OSX (10.5+), and Linux

now available
now available



Create a new patient file

• Organise and manage patient records

• Complete patient and clinic forms

• Upload images and save comments

• All data is stored and backed up in a fully secured way

Scan the patient’s residuum

• It’s quick and easy to reliably capture the precise 3D anatomical shape of the wearer’s residuum

• Identify landmarks and alignment by use of markers

• Use your existing scanner, or options available from ProsFit, including the Structure Sensor & iPad with PandoScan app

• Scanners are lightweight and portable, which enables scanning in the clinic or the wearer’s home

Design the new socket


• A versatile and robust design process, without the need for plaster casting

• All design steps and modifications required to produce a socket can completed easily, such as:
Alignment, Volume adjustments, Connector integration, Rectification by zone, Trimline shaping, and more

• Allows comparison of the current design with the scan, and previous sockets, and enables review and audit all modifications made

• Supports thickness and post-processing depending on wearer needs


• Easy and repeatable workflows

• Use and personalize templates for the main tools

• Select a connector from within a library of suitable commercially-available models

• It’s easy to undo/redo when needed

• You can take notes and measurements at any time

• You have the option to involve the wearer when you make on-screen modifications of their socket

• “Help” includes: a comprehensive set of step-by-step descriptions, a complete user manual, tutorial videos, and connection to customer support

Order it

• Seamlessly send, track, manage, and review orders

• Receive notifications about order statuses, updates, and deliveries

• Optionally introduce management approvals for before orders can be sent

Receive the manufactured socket

• Socket received at clinic with full delivery documentation, and instructions for use for both you and the wearer

• Known delivery dates allow easy scheduling of fitting appointment

Fit the socket for the wearer

• Pre-alignment of the prosthesis allows efficient fitting and comfort assessment

• Adjustability allows fitting improvement as required before sign-off of the prosthesis

• Easy updating of patient records and scheduling of follow-up appointment

Review and feedback

• Pre-alignment of the prosthesis allows efficient fitting and comfort assessment
• Adjustability allows fitting improvement as required before sign-off of the prosthesis

• Easy updating of patient records and scheduling of follow-up appointment


    • The socket fitting process is much easier for the wearer, and for you
    • Improve Time to Comfort (T2C) and Cost to Comfort (C2C)
    • Operate simpler and more transparent clinic operations; management controls
    • Enables a great increase in patient volumes, whilst reducing overall stress

  • It is easier to maintain patient files and monitor changes over time
  • There is no need for expensive equipment
  • Designs can be visualized prior to manufacturing and committing related resources
  • Plaster model storage and workshop space can be re-allocated for fitting rooms or otherwise
  • Everyone’s happy.


• Easy to learn and master in under 2 days
• IQuick, easy and low-cost to install, set-up, and operate effectively

• ProsFit can work with you to provide assistance, training, and operating support

• Settings and options enable customized implementation to best suit your clinic operations

• Different user account-types are available with different permissions, including for prosthetists and administrators

• In case of need, customer and technical support is always available and responsive during working hours
• ProsFit can additionally support your implementation through use of benchmark performance and setting measurable KPIs in comfort, wearer satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and clinic operations

pricing options Pricing options are available to match your operating model and needs• Monthly vs. Annual• By user, by license• License for installations on computer, on server

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