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Our very own CTO, Christopher Hutchison, captured the attention of global investors visiting Bulgaria and stole the show at the TechTour Event in Sofia with a stunning 10-minutes-presentation

June 21, 2018

ProsFit raised awareness of critical prosthetic fitting challenges, and presented the positive impacts of its globally scalable solution...

The Prosthetics world enjoys the next stage of positive change in socket fitting

June 21, 2018

PandoFit Cloud was launched: this is a new robust platform that elevates socket design to a whole new level.

ProsFit announces cooperation with VIPPlus to extend prosthetic fitting services in Bulgaria and beyond

May 12, 2018

VIPPlus, Bulgaria’s market leader for prosthetic and orthotic fitting will adopt PandoFit’s solution to offer new services to both existing and new customers.

ProsFit announces a new family of lower limb sockets at OTWorld 2018 in Leipzig

April 4, 2018

The ProsFit Optimal range of lower limb sockets represents a further disruption in socket fitting. And, all involved can feel safe ads the sockets are regulated as Class 1 medical devices for limb wearers up to 125kg!”

ProsFit was represented at Arab Health in Dubai by Mecuris, a like-minded partner from Germany

December 31, 2017

A below-knee prosthesis on the stand of Dubai Health Authority integrated a ProsFit socket and Mecuris foot, both 3D printed.

Belinda Gatland is a HAPPY Limb Wearer, fitted with the first 3D printed prosthesis in Dubai

June 13, 2017

The ProsFit Team is EXCITED to provide our 3D Printed Definitive Sockets and work with Mecuris for the foot and cover, together leveraging knowledge and technology to enable Confident Mobility! Belinda Gatland said, “This new technology is unbelievable!”.

We have been recognised by the business awards programme which celebrates British-European businesses that have demonstrably made Europe work

May 3, 2017

The Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe has awarded ProsFit with the "Make Europe Work!" Business Award!