ProsFit Scoops the Visionary Innovation Leadership Award Frost & Sullivan has honored our company with the “2017 Global Custom-fit Prosthetic Solutions for Lower-limb Amputees Visionary Innovation Leadership Award”

April 28, 2017

According to the global research and consulting organization, ProsFit is already becoming a pioneer in the prosthetics and orthotics industry. Frost & Sullivan fully expects our revolutionary PandoFit CAD software to achieve wider adoption in the coming years at the prosthetist level, thereby considerably reducing waste and costs and, at the same time, allowing patients to live an independent and socially active life.

Alan Hutchison, CEO of ProsFit, said: “We are proud and grateful for everyone that has helped us on this journey since 2013. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the courage of our pioneering clients, as well as the tenacity and creativity of our team. Our deepest thanks to Frost & Sullivan, our clients and our people!”.

About Frost & Sullivan
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Visionary Innovation Leaders are considered by Frost & Sullivan to be able to deliver highly competitive products and solutions, with unique and differentiated benefits, that transform business performance as well as individuals’ work and personal lives. In granting the Visionary Innovation Leadership Award, Frost & Sullivan’s analysts evaluate two key factors — Focus on the Future and Best Practices Implementation.

About ProsFit
ProsFit was founded in 2013 with the vision of “A World where innovation provides limb wearers a choice of affordable, reliable and desirable prosthetic products and services”.
It has already commercialized its innovative software solution for the fitting of bespoke definitive lower limb prosthetic sockets, the most challenging customer-fit devices in the Prosthetics and Orthotics industry. The ProsFit 3D-printed definitive sockets are medically regulated in Europe produced and tested under ISO quality control standards and systems. Its software and product offerings support radically improved professional resource productivity, better user outcomes, improved device designs, and global access to on-line education and training.
As ProsFit expands internationally, it will replicate its European manufacturing operations in other regions and secure the necessary local regulatory approvals. Equally, the company is developing similar innovative solutions for upper limb sockets, and orthotic devices for lower limb, upper limb, upper body and head. 
ProsFit has real potential to disrupt the industry, and transform the way that prosthetic and orthotic products and services are delivered. Its 5-year roadmap foresees driving digital transformation in the industry — transitioning its software to a full cloud-based expert system, allowing personalized configuration, self-rehabilitation, and knowledge exchange between limb wearers and professionals via social media and community platforms.