ProsFit - Bulgaria Project Finalist for VBHC Prize 2023

May 10, 2023

ProsFit enables Confident Mobility for amputees and our Bulgaria Project was another benchmark for our dedication to this mission. The project was nominated for the The Value Based Health Care Prize 2023, which celebrates the best of health care solutions with potential to make the world a better place.

ProsFit's Bulgaria Project grabbed the international jury’s attention with its scalable and patient-oriented approach. The Jury headed by Prof. Michael Porter highlighted the cooperation achieved by different teams to make the Bulgaria Project happen. "The jury is excited about the multi-disciplinary teams that are interacting with the users in a well-synchronized way to be able to constantly measure outcomes." The ProsFit digitally-enabled approach was also mentioned by the jury, which “recognizes the focus on delivering patient-centered care by tracking daily comfort, and the deployment of 3D scanning and printing reduce costs, and increase of speed and accuracy of prosthetics provision."

For the full case study on the Bulgaria Project you can watch it here.