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Prosfit Vision

Note: this is a temporary site – a new site is under construction.


Founded in 2013, Prosfit‘s Vision is to:


  • Transform prosthesis socket specification, manufacturing & fitting into an effective, industrial and predictive science
  • Integrate available technologies to drastically change and improve the critical processes


  • For the prosthetic wearers …
    • Increase comfort, decrease pain
    • Increase adoption rate and use of prostheses
    • Improve “time to comfort”, mobility and integration into society


  • For the prosthetists ….
    • Improve productivity, reduce costs and speed up processes
    • Convert empirical physical fitting & testing processes into “virtual simulation”
    • Improve communication/cooperation with prosthetic wearer


  • Reduce cost stress on prosthesis users and their families, as well as overall healthcare system costs
  • Improve prosthetic fitting in developing countries with lower levels of prosthetist skills and experience


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